Australian coal fired power stations are filthy, pollution belching beasts from last century - they need to be transformed into non-polluting things of beauty. To do this, we need Colourpults: dye-bomb firing trebuchets, the most powerful medieval catapult ever invented, and the largest projectile firing device that can be built with commonly available materials and basic skills.

The Colourpult Project aims to supply the general public with easy-to-follow instructions for building mobile Colourpults that can be towed behind bicycles and fired anywhere. Colourpults are 'Art Weapons'. They are completely legal, as long as no one gets seriously injured.

At this year’s WOW festival in Sydney, we ran our first public training sessions on building and fire Colourpults - taking aim at the Casula Powerhouse. This is a decommissioned coal power station. It's already been transformed into a place of beauty, but still has a massive smoke stack for target practice.

This website documents the development of our Colourpult prototypes, and successful PowerStation colour-bombing events. It will eventually offer open-source Colourpult plans to the public.